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Tour de Indiagems

Perfection is not an achievement for us rather it is a constant pursuit. This zeal of ours is truly woven in each of the jewel crafted by us, making it one of the best/crème de la crème. Our passion for creating the best reflects in each step of our finest creations. We invite you for an interactive tour of our endeavor in the whole jewelry creation process, which gives a magnanimous effect in entirety.


We exclusively use Refined Silver, also called Green Silver as it is highly environment friendly, compared to usual silver from India predominantly used in market. Being environmentally responsible we strictly buy all our certified Refined (green) Silver from United Silver Company (USA) to provide only eco-friendly pure Silver for our customers, even though at a higher price for us. Each piece of jewelry is made of 'eco-friendly' reclaimed Silver as the Green Silver also ensures no mining for its production, leading to Zero contamination and impurities’ presence in it, in contrast to rest of the available silver which is mined and is very often contaminated.


We direct source our choicest gemstones in all varieties through our Gemologists who have decades of experience and instinctively understand latest trends and styles, ensuring availability of most appropriate gemstones for any design. Our extensive stock is cause of envy for the other Jewelers and of desire for the best industry designers. All our gems are sourced through fair trade practices to provide a conflict free gemstone for your tranquility/bliss.


Only most dexterous artisans from all over India, find place in our factory. After extensive training into all forms and processes of jewelry creation, they are led to create final pieces for your satisfaction. Our intricate and bold designs equally demand and receive constant training of our truly remarkable artisans. In agreement with Fair trade practices, we persistently provide the best working environment and dignified stature to all our artisans.



We live the designs we create. An eclectic blend of dedicated and internationally acclaimed Designers, is our secret for such awe-inspiring designs. The truly motivated and gifted designers amorously create our each jewel, perfecting them beyond perfection. Every single time our new collection launches it receives/generates an ovation.

Designers’ Interpretation of their Designs/Work:

“The seamless blend of nature and human creation has always intrigued me. Mostly we are just able to scratch the surface while attempting to replicate what nature so effervescently achieves without even trying. And then, once in a while, creation flows through us, delivering most mesmerizing designs we ever witnessed. We create, yet we feel that we are being recreated as we channelize the manifestation. I design to relive this experience time and again. To create and craft jewels and remain in awe of such beauties, is how I define life.”


We boast a large fleet of most high tech and evolutionary machines in our factory. With the in depth Research & Development in place, we are the foremost organization to employ and utilize the best technology with best maintenance practices in place.


Our production unit is set in the most spacious building, an inspiring architecture marvel. The firm structure is defined with subtle curves of chiseled Redstone arches under pristine blue sky. Dipped in the essence of local architecture, it gracefully makes you feel grounded, centered and energized all at once and sets you free to rise high and imagine the beyond, for further passionate creations.

Our Inspiration

With the perfect balance of best ingredients, the outcome is bound to be an epitome of perfection itself. And that is all we do for each jewel we create for you. We blend in our best elements flawlessly so that YOU stand out through our jewels.


Manufacturing Unit

Rough Rocks

Rough Cutting

Pre- Shapping

Polishing & finishing

Stone assorting

Stone inventory & export

Product Design

Model making 

Wax casting


Burn out( Ready for casting ) 

Product casting

Filling & Soldering

Stone Setting

Stone Setting

Polishing & finishing Product



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